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Girls With Goals Who Give

Hi! We’re Lisa and Amanda, and we’re the original Girls With Goals Who Give. Our passion for achieving
our goals, giving back, and creating safe spaces where women thrive is at the core of everything we do.


We teach ambitious and successful female entrepreneurs just like you to grow your business
online.  Friends since 1990, and business partners since 2012, we built businesses that
earned multiple 7-figure incomes online, back in the days when Instagram was only a year old.


We know how hard it is to grow a successful online business.  Systems and technology, digital
marketing, sales funnels, social media.  It can feel overwhelming and isolating as you struggle to figure it
out on your own.


You can figure it out, only you don’t have to do it alone. 


With the right coaching, support, and accountability, you can increase your profits and scale your digital
business in a way that makes you feel proud, fulfilled, and empowered.


What makes GWGWG unique is our authentic approach to connecting with each other and the way we give back
to our charitable partners.  With GWGWG, you will get to be a part of the social mission to help make the 
world a better place and hear about the amazing work these organizations are doing.  


There is unlimited potential waiting for you online… and we’re here to help you reach it. 


Whether it’s through our free virtual networking events, expert speaker workshops, information rich emails…
or with our signature membership, live, or virtual experiences, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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Imagine If You:

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  • Positioned yourself as a leader in your market.
  • Possessed language to elevate your brand message.
  • Turned your followers into raving fans.