What Can You Do to Get Noticed… In Business That Is

Making an impression on your target audience can feel impossible, especially when there are so many people who do what you do. 


The digital world is inundated with people who sell what you sell and let’s be real for a second, it’s hard not to notice your competitors doing an enviable job. 


So what can you do to stand out and get noticed?


The way to get noticed is to always remember one of our favorite acronyms:


“TINY”- Their Interests Not Yours.


It’s always about your target audience and how you can serve them best. 


Let’s talk about social media for a minute.


When you create content on any platform or you are adding value to a dream client’s post, make sure you’re thinking about them, addressing their goals, desires and pain points.


Follow these 3 guidelines to get noticed!


Add Value:

Are you nurturing your audience? Before you can ask for the sale, you’ll want to show your worth. Think about your goals as a brand/business and share how they relate to your audience’s desires. Ask yourself; how can my product/service change my client’s life and then make sure you share it through your content and your brand messaging. Share your value add on other peoples’ posts too!


Solve problems:

How can you be the perfect solution for your ICA? Use your content to help solve your audience’s biggest pain points. Show that you’re listening by sharing content that helps them. Provide solutions to their biggest problems and help them reach their goals and desires by dropping your gems of wisdom. 


Engage Properly:

Are you building relationships with your target audience? Connection is the key to business. Even connection in the digital world. When using social media to build relationships, try actively seeking out your dream clients and starting conversations with them. Be personable, relatable, and respectful. 


It’s really that simple! And to answer the question we know you’re thinking…YES, it takes time to build a connection with your people! 

Consistency + repetition will get you there.

Share with us below any other guidelines we should add to our list!

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