Top 3 Tips for Sharing What You Do and Making You Memorable

Who doesn’t love talking about themselves? Let’s face it… you ARE really awesome and you’re building a business that you are so passionate about; why wouldn’t you want to tell anyone who will listen???!

Well, in short, you absolutely should… but telling everyone doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone….EVERYTHING!

Our proprietary Master Connection Formula coaches you to have a certain self awareness that makes your conversations like a delicate dance that draws your partner in.

Here are our top 3 tips for sharing what you do and making it memorable:


1. Share your business like you’re meeting a new neighbor: 

Imagine new neighbors moved into the home right next to you. You’d swing by to say hello and give them a bottle of wine as a friendly welcome. You’d ask them where they’re moving from, how old their children are, how they decided on your town and you’d also offer recommendations around the town and ask them a host of other questions, right? 

So why make sharing your business any different? You want it to feel easy, exciting, inviting and interesting, just like the way your neighbor would feel when you dropped by to give them a warm welcome. 

Think of it like this….

Gifting a bottle of wine is the same as giving/gifting value in your conversation. Think about how you can educate someone when you are talking about your business.

Asking questions about your neighbor and her/his family shows you care and that you’re interested. Being inquisitive with your audience or person you’re in conversation with gives them the “feel good” factor, like “she really cares about me!”.

Sharing your recommendations about great restaurants, Doctors offices and the best dry cleaners in town is the same thing as sending your audience referrals. How can you act as a referral source for your network and be the “gift that keeps on giving”?


2. Nail your niche so you can nail your conversation

The next time someone asks you what you do, be so SPECIFIC and descriptive about WHO you help that the person on the receiving end immediately jumps to share with you someone they know who would be perfect!

“Nailing Your Niche” is our favorite trick for always being remembered as the “Go-To” in your market and not the girl who shares her life story for 20 minutes…(Yikes!).

Sharing the exciting mission of your business is most effective when you can easily get your listener’s attention by being quick, specific, and SERVING. People want to hear how you can help THEM or help someone THEY know.


3. Stop selling and simply share….

No one wants to be sold, especially at first conversation. You wouldn’t jump into bed on the first date, now would you?


Think of every opportunity to share your business as an opportunity to build a new friendship and grow your network. The Master Connection Formula teaches you to build the “know”, “like” and “trust” factor in order to sell so that you can be remembered the next time someone needs what you’ve got!

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