Damn, there are so many ways to network!

Today’s world is more connected than ever before. We’re always on, work doesn’t just stop outside the office. Especially with social media, we are being seen and evaluated for our personal lives as much as our professional lives. It can be a little overwhelming, having to constantly present your best self. It’s what the modern world is, though; constantly connected, never off.

We’re all so used to having infinite information at our fingertips that we take being a part of the web for granted. If someone wants to look us up, they are just a Google search away from our Facebook, our Instagram, our LinkedIn, and everything we have posted. If we want to make a good impression, it isn’t enough that nothing questionable comes up. People want to know about us, so we need to be visible. It’s almost as bad to be invisible as it is to appear unprofessional.

With all of the different platforms available to us, we need to make sure that we get all we can out of each of them. Facebook is more social than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more focused than Instagram. We can’t expect the same content to work just as well across everything. It’s kind of like how you might have one friend laugh at a joke, you know that another friend wouldn’t. Different groups have different expectations, which we need to meet in order to succeed.

When we make our best impressions, people will want to interact with us. If we get people interested and excited about our work, we can only find success. But it isn’t just online platforms where we need to make sure we are presenting ourselves properly. Connecting with people in the real world is just as important, if not more so. Online interactions are convenient, but they are also easier to give up on. When we put a face to the name, or feel the grip of a handshake, or see the determination in the eye, those build on the idea of the person that we are presenting. People can get information from the internet, but it doesn’t come together into a person as easily as a real life connection.

There are so many avenues for everyone to put themselves into the world and to find like-minded people and groups. To thrive, we need to be able to take advantage of as many as we can. Don’t be afraid to always put your best foot forward, because everything we do should be proudly shown to the world.