Network Marketers Need This ONE Thing to Succeed

If you feel like you’re doing “all the things” but your results don’t show in your bank account then you might be missing out on the one non-negotiable for growing a thriving NWM business….no matter what.

You can:

  • Block the time
  • Have the plan
  • Copy the language
  • Hone the skills 

And be really freaking smart…

… but if you don’t have your mind right, then you can kiss business growth and momentum ✌🏼

Whatever you tell yourself, your mind is busy making it real and it’s affecting the growth of your business.

Your network marketing business will have twists and turns, ups and downs. Some days you’ll be flying high and others you’ll be ready to quit. 

But here’s something you might not have realized. 

All of the habits, thought patterns and feelings that you have about yourself will show in your business like a BIG FAT MIRROR reflecting all of the good and all of the #stuff.

  • If you’re a procrastinator in life, you’ll wait until the last day of the month to try and achieve your goal.
  • If you’re a people pleaser, you’ll spend more time helping everyone else grow their business but you.
  • If you feel unworthy, you won’t ask for the sale.
  • If you think you suck, then… your business will… (hate to say it) suck. 

No matter how crystal clear your goal is, or how pretty your vision board is, if you don’t become aware of self sabotaging patterns and work toward correcting them, then your business will always be stuck. 

So when setting ambitious goals, you absolutely should ask yourself, “WHAT do I need to DO to accomplish these goals?”

But It’s JUST AS VITAL to ask yourself, “WHO do I need to BE to accomplish these goals?”


Thinking about your business success or lack thereof in terms of personality traits is not only SMART but necessary. 

You’ll need to simultaneously build your business while growing yourself, if you want to break through the invisible barriers that have been holding you back from those audacious goals you set each year but never manage to hit. 

Truth is, you ABSOLUTELY CAN hit them, but only if you dig deep and work on “the stuff”. 

Does that make sense?

Here are the personality traits you can sprinkle with sugar TODAY so you can boost your mindset and start taking massive action toward your business goals:

Here’s our list:

Confidence: You must feel rock-solid in your worth as a network marketer. You’ve got an incredible product and opportunity that can change lives but do you believe that you’re worthy of someone taking your call, joining your team, buying from you, or achieving that coveted title/rank that you’ve been eyeing for a long time? If not then it will be nearly impossible to do the tasks you need to do to get to your goal. You’ll always have an excuse!

 You want to hone your craft, so there’s NO doubt in your ideal clients’ minds that you can deliver the transformation they so desperately crave. So practice, practice, practice! Get out there and make the calls, write the emails, send the messages, take the order. Stop “getting ready to get ready” and #justdoitafraid. Take MESSY ACTION!

Empathy: Seek to know your ICA so F’n well so you can feel their pain with them. Understand their biggest struggles and what keeps them up at night so you can offer ideas, solutions and value to them so that when they read your content they can’t help but think you’re living inside of their head. Know them so well that when you get on the phone/zoom and genuinely connect about their greatest struggles, you can do it from a place of complete understanding. Be there for them! 

Commitment: Every single day you will need to put aside distractions and avoid temptations for a block of time in pursuit of your monthly/yearly goals, or else you’ll give up or concede that you just don’t have what it takes.

Generosity: Make the first move… to GIVE! Be the first to add value, offer a solution, donate, spend time, HELP others, no strings attached. Giving has a way of boosting confidence like nothing else. Work toward being the gift that keeps on giving. 

So, what personality traits would you like to improve on with your mindset work?

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