Lesson #2: How to Effectively
Engage on Social Media

This lesson talks about the #1 thing entrepreneurs miss on social media and 9 times out of 10 it results in lack of engagement…an effective CALL TO ACTION! Learn how to condition your audience to take action with your content so you can begin building deeper connections with your ideal clients and change your social media game from crickets to conversations.

Lesson #1: Identifying Your Dream Client

Discover how to build deep relationships with the right people who want what you’re selling, instead of chasing people down to buy from you.  You’ll learn the Master Connection Formula to start speaking to the heartbeat of your dream clients so you can build a business based on genuine friendships that will turn into life-long customers and supporters.

Download the “Identifying Your Dream Client” PDF by clicking here.


  1. Marni Levi

    Very interesting video, I never paid much attention to my CTA’s in my post and will be implementing this framework. Thanks Lisa and Amanda!

  2. Laura

    I never felt comfortable posting a call to action until I pushed myself to start. It’s completely changed my business- love how you presented this concept though about how it builds your relationship with your network!

  3. Deirdre Langs

    Social Media is a constant thorn for me and I love how you made this so simple for me! Thanks!

  4. Sam J

    What about reels and IGTV and how many times do you think someone should post on their feed?

  5. Kelly

    Great content! I’m definitely going to try and be more intentional about putting a call to action in my stories too!

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