Lesson #1: Identifying Your Dream Client

Discover how to build deep relationships with the right people who want what you’re selling, instead of chasing people down to buy from you.  You’ll learn the Master Connection Formula to start speaking to the heartbeat of your dream clients so you can build a business based on genuine friendships that will turn into life-long customers and supporters.

Download the “Identifying Your Dream Client” PDF by clicking here.


  1. Carolyn Ward

    Great information Lisa and Amanda. Thank you for the video, email, and pdf. I will be going through the pdf over the next few days.
    I definitely would like to become clearer with my ideal client avatar. I don’t want to give up on my business because I have not had any business partners.
    I just finished my school year and really would like to devote some major time to my R&F business. First step – becoming clear on my ICA.
    Thank you.

    1. 100% you sell a product that so many others sell! How can you stand out unless you are clear on who want to share your products with? Do the work and you will be surprised!

  2. Jessica

    I never thought about digging into my dream client this way. Thanks for this download I’m going to take a look at it and do the hard work!

    1. We are so happy you looking at this with a different lens. Looking forward to hearing how you progress with your ICA work once you fill out the worksheet.

  3. Cara

    Great video! Thanks Amanda and Lisa. I definitely want to dig into my clients minds and ‘be one’ with their feelings so my message is on point!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for watching and you will see the transformation in your business once network feels like you really understand them!

  4. Alex

    Thanks for the video and download. I did this work when I started my business 3 years ago but realize I need to revisit this work to attract higher paying clients. Going to dig into this worksheet!

    1. Yes!! Sometimes we don’t think we have to go back and do this work but as your business grows its important work that needs attention on a consistent basis. As a business owner, wanting to grow and scale is natural and if you want to attract a higher paying client you will need to dig deeper and deeper with your messaging. Only way to do that is by building authentic connections with your dream clients and you can do that by getting to know they in an intimate way.

  5. Jamie

    Such a fun video! So exciting to hear about the master connection formula! I can’t wait to learn more!!

  6. Lindsay

    💥BOOM simple, clear and makes perfect sense! Thank you so much!

  7. Becca

    I’ve actually had to change this up in building my business…thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, this is common as entrepreneurs! It’s work that you have to revisit time to time!

  8. Ebony

    Can you explain how I can figure out who my dream client really is? I saw your worksheet which is great but is that how you’re saying we can find our dream client?

    1. Yes! You have to dig down deep and understand who it is that you want to serve. Who do you think would benefit from your services and be able to transform their life. Are you providing pleasure or taking away their pain? Then take a look at the worksheet and fill in ALL the information about that one person. Even give that person a name…this person becomes your avatar and you can design all your messaging around how it would help your one avatar.

  9. Stacey Hage

    Love this video! Looking to build a stronger relationship with my network and I loved the perspective you gave about tapping into my clients emotions and desires. Too many entrepreneurs talk AT their clients, thinking they know what they need without doing this work. I think it’s what separates the OK from the uber successful!

  10. Stephanie Sung

    Girls! This video was awesome! I’ve had a hard time finding my tribe….I want my clients to see me as their hero and I will continue to re-visit who my ICA is so I can attract my dream client. I know what I have to offer is valuable so thank you for sharing this. Love the download too!

  11. Marjorie Vasiliou

    Thanks for the video I’m working on defining my ICA and I’m following the master connection formula. It is helping me also to niche down my services to focus on those clients my services will benefit the most.

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