Master Connection
Formula Membership

Consistently Fill Your Prospect Funnel And Increase Your
Sales By Learning How To Be A Master Connector

Times are changing and so is the
network marketing industry.

Old strategies and tactics don’t work the way they used to and you really want to build the momentum in your business again. You love the industry and your company but it’s hard to stay consistent and even harder to know what to do to grow.
There’s A TON of information out there but if you don’t have the right systems in place OR accountability to keep you on track, then you’ll continue spinning your wheels and stay exactly where you are.

But You’re Tired Of:

You know what you want

But you know something is missing…


Join the Master Connection Formula Membership NOW and build a thriving business with class!

What You Want Is:

Here’s The Thing…

This isn’t about perfecting your reels, posting the most beautiful pics on social media, or creating the most stand-out posts!

It’s about understanding who you want to talk to, how to speak their language and knowing exactly what to say to convert your new connections into profit.


Introducing the MCF Membership for Network Marketers who want to grow their income and impact by attracting quality customers and teammates. 

The MCF Membership Is:

Here’s what you get in the MCF Membership:

→ Live coaching – communicate with the MCF Founders and Creators (Amanda and Lisa), ask us your toughest questions, and get direct answers on what’s happening right now in your business


→ Expert training, guidance, tips, and strategies to fill your funnel with prospects and sell your product with ease


→ Deep dive into our Proprietary Master Connection Formula framework so you can learn how to effortlessly connect with your team and lead your leaders


→ New systems to simplify your income producing activities


→ Action guided training to become a top performer


Do you love learning and professional development, especially if it will help you grow your business? 


Do you enjoy accountability so you can stay focused on what’s most important in your business? 


Do you want to work smarter not harder? 


Are you done with the feeling of stress and overwhelm? 


Do you want to grow your direct sales business, but your strategy for attracting prospects feels scattered, confusing, and it’s taking way too long?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then ask yourself…
what am I waiting for?

What is going to change if you don’t make a change?

For only $49 / month – The Master Connection Formula Membership is yours

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