For network marketers who want to attract quality customers and 

grow a downline at lightening speed. 

Be the first phone call your prospects make when they are ready to 

purchase your product or join your team!

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You shouldn’t have to feel frustrated spinning your
wheels trying to find new clients + consultants to grow your business.

You have been working so hard to land clients so you help them transform their lives! 

Your dream vision for your business is to make a significant enough income to be your own boss, create your own schedule and change lives… 

But like most network marketers, you’ll need a consistent stream of customers + consultants coming to you for your opportunity in order to break away from chasing leads. 

Do you want leads for life?

We’ve been there… we get it if you are:

Feeling clueless on where to find the right people

Hounding, begging and pressuring 

“Selling” in a way that feels pushy or salesy

Striking out on your calls

Stressing about how to get noticed on social media

Or just sitting, waiting + praying for something to happen

Hi! We’re Lisa and Amanda,

Co-Founders of Girls With Goals Who Give

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out all we have to offer you!

We are two girls with goals who want to continuously give to you to see you grow and make your dreams come true.

Born and raised in New York, we have a get it done attitude.

If we could be with you in person we would grab a tequila with you, have a seat at the bar and talk business. We welcome you into our world as if we’ve known you since we were little… that is how we treat everyone that comes into our life.  

We built our previous 7 figure MLM businesses on REAL connection, no “fluff” talk here.

So if you’re ready to grow your network marketing business by attracting new clients and business builders…

Worry no more… you’ve made it to your new home.

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