How To Sell Without Selling For Network Marketers

You’ve heard the saying before, “If your mouth is open, your business is open”.

So that means… if you’re not talking about your business then your “store” might as well be closed. 

Many network marketers shy away from bringing up their products or opportunity because they fear what people will think of them… but what if you had a simple 5 step method that helped you sell with confidence? 

Changing your mindset from hard selling to connecting with your prospect, understanding their needs + goals and serving them with your product or opportunity, can make all the difference.

Next time you’re in a position where you’d like to broach the subject with a potential lead; use our 5 step formula to help you to effortlessly “sell with confidence”.



Start every conversation with open and genuine exchange. Be as real and authentic as you can possibly be. The more “YOU” you are, the more attractive you will come across. 

Curious how to build rapport and genuine connection straight off the bat?Ask questions and…..actually LISTEN! Take what you hear to find a common thread between you and your prospect. The #1 rule of The Master Connection Formula is to build the “know”, “like” and “trust” factor. Perhaps a little digging into their social media will give you some good talking points to start out with! No shame in the game! Tell them you have been following them. It’s flattering :>


2. Identify + Discover  

The next step is all about identifying with the person + understanding their needs.  Your sales conversations should feel simple (not pushy and stressful). Ask your prospect questions to give you more information and help you learn how you can serve them through your business.

Try these:


  • What is your #1 struggle when it comes to _X_?
  • Why do you think you’re struggling with this?
  • Why does this need to change now?


3. Set The Vision  

When your prospect is telling you her/his struggles, this tells you what they DON’T want anymore. Dig deeper into the information. Ask relevant questions.  Ie; How has this affected your life? Finally, ask them what their vision is and learn more about the transformation they are seeking.


4. Share The Transformation

People are NOT buying your product/service, they’re buying the transformation you provide.

Use a very specific story/case study about how you helped someone just like them who had a similar vision. Everyone wants to know how they can receive what you’ve already given to someone else. 


5. Time To Close 

When someone is really a great match, ask; “How would you like to get started?” and be prepared with 3 options to offer. 

For exmaple:


  1. Share how your product can help them overcome the struggle they’ve shared with you
  2. Share how your opportunity can help them overcome the struggle they’ve shared with you
  3. Invite them to an upcoming event


Either the person is eager to invest in themselves and they say “yes!” to one of your offers or this question opens the doorway to overcoming objections.

Of course, you want everyone to be eager to get started but most times, there will be objections. People don’t like change so, this final step is essential to help confirm that what you’re selling will work for them.


Preparation is the key to feeling confident and so is repetition. The more times you can practice this 5 step method, the more the doors to your business will be open leading to a bigger income and a bigger impact!

Which tip rocks your world the most?

Share with us in the comments below!

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