How to Crush Your Goals and Fulfill Your Greatest Desires in 5 Steps

Do you know why most people don’t achieve their goals?

It’s not because they’re incapable or that they’re not willing to put in the time.

It’s actually something you might not have considered before.

It’s because what they really desire isn’t related to the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Imagine you have a desire to lose weight so you decide that you are going to train for a marathon. You’ve come up with a running schedule, you’ve given yourself enough time to train between now and the actual race, you’ve joined running groups, downloaded different routes you can take based on the mileage you have to run… etc. But then, 4 weeks in you lose steam. You’re not feeling motivated and you’re not sure why. You stop running and tell yourself that you’re just not cut out for marathon life. You beat yourself up for not having what it takes. 

Your inner dialogue is not a good one and that’s really not fair to you. You had a goal of losing weight… not necessarily running a marathon. 

Sometimes people choose goals because it’s what they think they want, but in reality, it’s really not. 

This happens A LOT in network marketing. People get shiny object syndrome.

That’s why they “fail”. Because that burning desire isn’t there.

In order to figure out if your goals match your deepest desires you’ll want to follow our 

DGA formula (Desires-Goals-Actions).

DGA Formula:

Step 1 Clarify

Grab a blank sheet of paper and at the top write “My deepest desires”. 

(You can do this for any aspect of your life but for our purposes, let’s focus on your business). 

Set a 20 minute timer and write down all of the desires you have when it comes to your network marketing business. 

  • Think about WHY you really joined in the first place. 
  • What changes do you wish for that your NWM biz can provide?
  • Have your goals been swayed by what others are achieving? 
  • Has your upline or power partner created a goal for you that deep down is not your true desire?

Don’t let your pen stop. Keep writing until your timer goes off. 

Step 2 Review

Read back through your notes and highlight TWO of your deepest desires that really speak to you when you read it back to yourself. 

  • What stands out the most to you? 
  • What common themes keep coming up? 
  • What makes you feel emotional?

Step 3 Solidify

Flip to a fresh piece of paper and write out your 2 desires at the top of the page and answer these questions:

Why do I want (X desire)?

How will I feel when I achieve (X desire)

How soon do I want to take action on (x desire)

Who will be best to support me in fulfilling (x desire)

Step 4 Identify

Brainstorm 1 big goal for each of your desires. Once you’ve identified your goals, you are ready to start taking action.

For example;

  1. I desire to give back to charity. My goal is to donate $2,000/year to the American Cancer Society
  2. I desire feeling valuable and valued. My goal is to lead a team of 100 + people and become a resource to them so they can achieve their own desires and goals.

Step 5 Action 

To help you achieve your TRUEST desires you’ll want to set SMART goals. On a fresh sheet of paper (one for each DESIRE) write out the acronym “SMART” horizontally down the page.

SMART stands for:





Break each bigger goal down into SMART goals and every time you achieve a smaller goal, set your next SMART goal to keep you moving toward your bigger goal one step at a time. Eventually you will achieve your grand goals and your desires will feel fulfilled!

Let’s take goal # 1 for example; 

My goal is to donate $2,000/year to the American Cancer Society

Specific-Open a savings account to be solely for my ACS donations

Measurable-Take $100 this month from my NWM paycheck to deposit into this account

Attainable-(Make sure your being reasonable)

Relevant-Is this goal aligned with your values…Sounds like a yes!

Time-Based-I will make this deposit on the 15th of this month.

As you continue to achieve your SMART goals, you can add more SMART goals to help you get to your larger goal as long as they are relevant to your desires! If you ever fall off track and you find yourself quitting easily, blaming yourself for being a failure or feeling like you’re not doing a good job with your business, then you’ll know that your desires and goals are not in alignment. 

Revisiting The DGA Formula once a quarter will help you get back on the wagon! 


Share your 2 big goals with us below!

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