Fill up your funnel with this social media hack

What if… you could fill your funnel with just one simple social media post?


Would you be interested? 


We discovered this trick during our own experiment and the results were unbelievable!


Exciting, right? 


You might be thinking that you’d LOVE the secret but you’re “not an expert” at social media or you don’t have a lot of followers.


You’ve probably tried every social media tactic from cold messaging where no one EVER replies, or you’ve posted products in your feed and gotten ‘1 like’ from your mom… who’s your biggest fan. 


Listen, we’ve all been there. Thinking that social media was and is the one and only way to grow your business… but how much time have you wasted using these old school strategies seeing no return on your efforts? 


Bottomline… engagement is d.e.a.d.


Let’s not forget all of the mindless scrolling you do when you get distracted during your “work hours”.


Truth is… just because you see others having major success using social media to grow their businesses, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way. There are 100 ways to skin a cat.


For the purposes of this “FUNnel filling experiment”…. we’re going to ask you to put aside your doubts and listen to this simple, yet results driven social media strategy. 


But before we share… here’s what you WILL need in order for you to get results using the idea we’re about to offer you…


You’ll need a target market. An ideal business partner whom you’re trying to attract. 


Once you know who this person is, you can build your entire business around them… including this post. 


So here you go:


Think about your avatar and her/his personality.

What are some words you would use to describe this person? 

  • Willpower
  • Integrity
  • Patience
  • Passion

And so on…


Choose one of those words as the prime quality that you’d like every single person to have when you recruit them onto your team, because to you, this word translates into the team culture that you are so driven to create.


Ok, so do you have it? Do you have your one word?


Now here’s what we want you to do.


Play “would you rather” and start a funny and engaging conversation with your dream teammate!


For example, let’s say your word is “Determined”, then you can ask a question that would make them have to choose between 2 things that they wouldn’t want to do; such as:


Would you rather:

Give up on a goal after failing one time


Be put to a challenge and not try at all


An example post can look as simple as this:

Or you can try a written post of this style:

Where are all my “DETERMINED” friends? 

Will you play a fun and silly game with me? 

If you absolutely had to choose one of the below, which would you choose?

Would you rather?

  1. Give up on a goal after failing 1 time
  2. Be challenged to something and not try at all

Both sound pretty horrible…
 being a determined person myself but I am so curious which one you would choose!?? A OR B???

Then our friends, let the magic unfold!

See, no need to have one million followers or have a heavily engaged audience but what you do need is to be clever in the way that you target your dream team!

You can post would you rather questions as polls on IG, on your FB feed, in stories, on LinkedIn and the most effective places like targeted FB groups where you know your ICA [Ideal consultant avatar] hangs out!

Be prepared that you will have a lot of conversation happening on that post with your perfect business partners so be ready and armed to take the conversation off the thread, into the DM and then to a phone call. 

If you need guidance on what to say, download our 25 conversation starters to help you seamlessly make new connections and learn how to sell your offer with confidence.

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