Even top leaders can get frustrated with the

“revolving door” in their network marketing business.

It doesn’t matter which organization you represent; there is so much attention and energy that goes into building one’s downline and hardly any goes into keeping & strengthening the relationships with those on your team. 

That’s why our Master Connection Formula ™ was born. 

Only $27.00!

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Attract leaders so you can build continuous momentum
and excitement.

Start standing out for who YOU are, not for being a rep of your company… people buy from people!

Strike curiosity with your prospects so they can’t help but want to know more about your business.

Get really clear on where your dream teammate hangs out IRL and online so you can GO THERE and be swimming in a sea of perfect prospects (no more spinning in circles).

Know exactly how to capture your ideal business partner’s attention with your content.

Capitalize on the most missed marketing opportunity for network marketers…email marketing.

We realized the way that we built our 7-figure business
was different than most

and that industry leaders needed a completely transparent and genuine approach that revealed more about the individual business owner and not just some cultish wannabes who drank the company Kool Aid. 

When was the last time your corporate leaders hosted a training on how to connect authentically with your team, how to ask genuine questions to your prospects to make sure they are a good fit for you and for the business or simply being a person of value to your network…?

Instead, it’s always a race to the next bonus, a hustle to close “month end” strong, a fire under your butt to sell the newest holiday special and in the meantime, some of your teams are following suit out of desperation and fear. 

You hear things like; “You never know who’s going to say YES, so you’ve got to share your products and opportunity with everyone!” and you preach it back to your team.

A large percentage of your team swirls and swirls in a tornado of making calls, doing reach outs and blasting out copy and paste messages because they’re told to… until they stop picking up your calls, you get ghosted, hear “no thanks but good luck” and inevitably people quit all income producing activities and decide that network marketing is NOT for them, while you’re left wondering what happened. 

Scare tactics, time limits and shiny dangling carrots are NOT the way to build a profitable downline.

Do you know why? 

Because those things are ALL ABOUT YOU!

We’ve built a million-dollar downline with a formula that is backed by relational science. 

With a nationwide average distributor churn rate of 75% in the first 90 days, it’s not only a nuisance, but also a massive sinkhole for profits and growth. 

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