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Hosted by 7-Figure Network Marketing Earners Lisa Friesel + Amanda Hall

During this training, you will discover…

  • The 5-Step Process to Skyrocket Your Closing
  • Increased Level of Confidence Because You Have A Simplified System
  • How and When to Start Inviting Your Prospects To Hear About Your Offers And Know With Certainty That They Will Happily Say Yes To What Your Sharing
  • How To Get Your First Consultant (Even If You’re Brand New to Network Marketing)
  • The Biggest Mistakes People Make When On A Call With A New Lead

Right now, we’re getting the feeling that you’re ready to try doing things a little differently.

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If we’re on the right track, then we’re jumping out of our skin to share something with you that will amplify all of the action items in your e-book.

Below, we’re including our most popular training

Selling With Confidence

You’ll walk away with the exact framework you’ll need from to take someone from invite to close in your next sales conversation.

This is a BIG deal!

You’ve discovered the big mistake that you’re making that’s stopping you from attracting or connecting with your prospects… Your eBook will teach you how to change that for good!


With our proprietary formula for attracting quality customers and consultants, and now with this master class, you’re going to put it all together to grow your income and your impact IMMEDIATELY!

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