Go From Network Marketer To Industry Leader

Grow Your Downline At Lightning Speed

Discover the proven framework to find QUALITY prospects and get them interested in your business so you can RAPIDLY grow your income and impact.

You love your network marketing business, your heart beats with excitement for it BUT you’re not talking to enough of the right people on a daily basis… and the growth of your team is stalled.

There’s a better way for you to gain exciting momentum and you’re ready to FOCUS on the actions that will lead to results and bring in more income.

Connect 2 Convert takes you from procrastinating, doing unproductive busy work and feeling stuck to implementing a concrete system so you know exactly who to reach out to, where to find them and what to say.

Imagine working on your own time and terms, having the ability to give abundantly to others, be present with your family and be financially secure. 

It’s all possible with the Connect 2 Convert framework so you can BECOME the leader you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s time to dream big, think differently and open your mind to new possibilities and perspectives.



you want:

More of your ideal clients to seek you out.

Confidence when you sell.

The secret sauce to have that “attraction factor”.

To be seen as the expert.

Referrals coming your way from your loyal clients.

A way to generate more quality leads to build your team.

Here’s why most network marketers struggle to attract quality prospects:

Many people spin their wheels posting on social media, inviting the same people to events, sharing discovery calls,

randomly messaging people and occasionally dropping into a networking event to

meet new people, but they’re just going through the motions. 

Where is the intentionality?

Yes your product/opportunity “COULD” be for everyone but knowing exactly
WHO you want to serve will help you Connect 2 Convert. 

Knowing how to pinpoint WHO you want to connect with is the ‘secret sauce’ in building big with your business and it will separate you from the rest. You are going to be uber focused on your daily reach outs, your social media content and what you need to say to attract quality prospects.

 Talk about being intentional!

you will finish this course feeling


Connect 2 Convert



Secrets To Standing Out

In A Crowded Market

You are not what you sell, you are YOU!

Learn how to stand out by leaning into what makes you uniquely you. 

Activate your attraction superpower with these foundational marketing strategies.

To your ideal clients, it’s an irresistible invitation to engage with your personal brand, because it sets you up as THE solution to their #1 burning problem.


Discover Your Dream Clients Desires And Speak To Them

Hone in on your ideal or perfect business partner.

 Learn our fool-proof system for growing your network marketing business in the most profitable way by getting to know your prospects better than they know themselves.

Once you’ve mastered this you’ll have dangerously effective messaging so your prospects will come knocking down your down.   

Learning everything about them; their pain points, their hopes, dreams and desires…  will be the secret sauce to connecting in an authentic way.


Connect Authentically On Social Media

Kick those social media vanity metrics to the curb and start building a real business fanbase with this lesson because it will go way beyond the aesthetics of your IG feed.

You will learn the way to masterfully connect with your target audience on social media.

There’s an attraction formula for you to follow that goes deeper than what you see on the “social media surface” and it focuses on what REALLY attracts the right clients and warms them up into hot leads!

Imagine if you knew how to communicate your value & expertise to your network, without fear of rejection.


Uncover The Power Of Building
Deeper Relationships Through Email Marketing 

Ditch the old prospect tracker and nurture your new connections with the power of email.

We’ll show you HOW to offer consistent value and build relationships with your dream business partners. 

Many network marketers don’t realize they can use email instead of just relying on social media to attract the perfect clients to their business and once they figure it out they’re not sure what to write.

During this session we will not only walk you through how to get started with a successful email marketing campaign but we will show you how to effectively build the “know”, “like” and “trust” factor using this strategy.


Grow Your Sales, Grow Your Income [With Confidence]

Start closing leads like a boss with a million dollar business!

You’ll get an inspired sales strategy so you can start converting your connections  into profit!  

Attracting leads is one thing but if you don’t have your mind right then you can’t won’t be able to overcome feelings of doubt and business will stay in the exact same place. 

Start closing your leads with integrity, on the spot and make it irresistible for people to say yes to you.

No matter your experience, if you’ve been in your business for

7 years or for 7 months, you can grow your business and become a gravitational magnet with your network.

Create a bond so strong with your prospects that the
“know”, “like” and “trust” factor is unbreakable.


Getting noticed isn’t easy in this noisy digital world

If you’re like most Network Marketing / MLM / Direct Sales consultants you need 
consistently attract new business to grow your income. 

Do you wonder if you had a simple and intentional framework to follow that was different than what you’ve been doing for years, would you be able to accelerate your business that much faster?  


→ Do you believe that what you have to offer is truly better than what is out there?

→ Do you believe that if your network purchased from YOU, they would have a better experience?

→ Are you ready to invest in yourself and treat your business like a million dollar one?


You want to grow your downline…

But do you have the confidence to convert your connections into new business partners?

Connect 2 Convert

Will offer you language prompts, confidence building practices and action guided training to help you to make progress in your business immediately.

Overcome doubts and limiting beliefs you may have that are preventing you from reaching out to your dream clients.

Eliminate the fear of rejection when selling your product and opportunity. 


“I’ve had tremendous breakthroughs! “

 I’ve finally figured out who my ICA is, her pain points and gotten very clear on my mission, all while narrowing down my target audience so specifically; all because of you ladies!! This has allowed me to open up new conversations with existing clients and connect with new prospective clients that would not have previously been in my network. Staying focused on my particular ICA’s pain points and not comparing myself to others has provided my business with tremendous growth.”

– jess p.

We’ve heard the word “NO” thousands of times…

It made us want to give up on an opportunity that eventually changed our lives forever. 

We were DESPERATE to build momentum and to stop feeling stuck and non-directional… 

We craved an excited team that wanted to grow with us.

The endless search for business builders felt exhausting.

…until we figured out the magic that would take us to the top 1% of our company in earnings, promotions, bonuses and trips around the world. It opened the door to unexpected opportunities (like Girls With Goals Who Give) and now more than ever we want to pay it forward to all of you.

Our grand mission is to eradicate the stigma behind the network marketing industry, help you stand out as a leader and guide you create a bigger impact so you can capture your dream of success. 

Eventually, your network will need what you’re selling… and you want them to think of YOU!

To be their FIRST phone call when they need your help.

It wasn’t until we stopped chasing people + cracked the code of having that “Attraction” factor.

It’s time to STOP 

Enrolling in this course will give you the powerful and proven formula to get you from CRICKETS to CONVERSATIONS to CONVERSIONS by just being YOU!

It worked for us… it can work for you too!


“I feel the immediate change in myself.”

“Even after only a few months in, I feel the immediate change in myself, from being timid and unsure as to how to create an effective digital presence for my brand to growing more confident by the week after attending trainings. It also goes beyond just the unbelievable value of the sessions. Having a community of smart, successful and supportive women who are in various stages in their entrepreneurial lives to lean on is essential.”

– allison b.


Proven step-by-step framework to differentiate yourself from others who sell what you sell

Directions to build deep relationships and trust with your prospects

Language to engage with REAL people – not in a “fake” way on social media

Attention grabbing and stand out secrets to always be top of mind to your audience

A confident selling system to move your leads straight into the sale

The Original Master Connectors and Course Creators

Hi! We’re Lisa and Amanda,

Co-Founders of Girls With Goals Who Give

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out all we have to offer you!

We are two girls with goals who want to continuously give to you to see you grow and make your dreams come true.

Born and raised in New York, we have a get it done attitude.

Lisa’s innate ability to relate to and create a sense of camaraderie with those who she just met, coupled with Amanda’s expertise is guiding women to uncover their uniqueness-has enabled this power duo to transform thousands of lives and businesses.

Lisa and Amanda began their partnership in 2012 by growing a multi-level marketing business to over 7 figures, which solidified their status among the best in the industry, resulting in customers and consultants lining up to work with them. Each building teams that produced millions of dollars in sales, they identified the key components to their success and created the Master Connection Formula framework to guide network marketers and entrepreneurs with advanced strategies to attract quality and loyal customers and grow a duplicating downline.

As co-founders of a women-owned organization with the name “Give” in it, equal emphasis is placed on educating their clients about giving back in its many forms, whether it’s giving to important causes or giving value, “The Girls'” philosophy of reciprocity is a staple in all their teachings.


A Total Value of $2,500



One- Time Payment of








Three Monthly Payments of







I look at GWGWG as an asset for my business.”

Lisa & Amanda, together have an uncanny way of listening and taking scattered thoughts and making them into an empowering story and brand.  I now have the vision and direction and I am developing my brand and niche market. I personally appreciate a group where I can learn from others. I prefer to interact with high achievers. Lisa and Amanda are strong leaders with each person’s interests in mind. The energy feels right for me and instills belief, motivation and passion within my business.”

– Kathleen Langsdale


We Love Bonuses 


Step Into Your Power With Story so Your Customers Are Drawn to You

Mary-Alice Arthur

Value $350


Create An Impactful Free Download That Brings In New Business

Stephanie Paradiso

$300 Value


Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Amanda Hall & Lisa Friesel

$300 Value


“If you are an entrepreneur who needs guidance with their business, then look no further than Girls with Goals who Give.”

“Co-Founders, Lisa and Amanda, are both very approachable, knowledgeable and business savvy. They curate skill specific workshops on everything from branding, marketing, social media, finding your niche and many other valuable topics. I had the opportunity to coach with them 1:1, in which they guided me to drill down further on my niche audience. Lisa and Amanda provided frameworks that brought about clarity. Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy feat and I am fortunate to have their support. I highly recommend coaching with Lisa and Amanda to anyone who seeks expert support and strategies to elevate their brand.”

– nina l.


You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Have Answers!

This course is for you if you love your network marketing business but feel hopeless sometimes. You want your business to work but nothing’s working. Even if you don’t feel hopeless but you just wish that you could be the leader that you set out to be then you’ll learn everything you need to know to gain that influential leader affect.

Let’s say you’ve got a small team but they’re simply not working the way you wish they would and not feeling that burning desire to build like you so you want to hit the refresh button and start recruiting exciting business builders….BOOM! You’re in the right place!

Connect 2 Convert is not to grow your followers so that you have to spend all of your day on social media to go to sleep at night worrying about how to grow your business. The Connect 2 Convert course will show you how to get so narrow on who you serve so that you can be ultra focused on the right people, the right message and the right income producing activities in the little time you have available to you.

It will be offered again in the future, however, we do not have a date at this time. The program will not be LIVE moving forward.

You will learn how to:

  • Stand out to your ideal customer and teammate
  • Discover your dream clients + learn how to speak to them
  • Connect authentically and build a true fanbase on social media
  • Stay top of mind through email marketing so you can ditch the old prospect tracker.
  • Grow your team by converting your leads with confidence

This course kicks off on Tuesday 3/22 and will be held once per week for 5 weeks. This course is self-paced and we are there for you each week on all the live trainings to answer your questions.

Connect 2 Convert is not a course that teaches you vanity metrics and disingenuous, spammy marketing techniques. When you spend all of your time trying to become an expert at reels, stories, doing lives, writing posts and taking selfies, well… then that’s a lot of time you’re not spending on introducing people to your business opportunity. The same thing goes for conversations. If you’re not feeling very confident about what to say, then you you’ll say too much and have a scarcity mindset. This course will teach you what ALL the top industry leaders are doing in their own business but haven’t yet discovered a formula to teach it to you! In C2C you will reverse engineer your whole process and started from the ground up by discovering the exact person you want to bring onto your team, the perfect most dreamiest business partner and then build your entire business around this ideal person! That’s how successful businesses market to their ideal clients so that their audience buys from them over and over again and that’s what you’re going to learn how to do in the connect 2 convert course.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Connect 2 Convert course you have 14 days to email to request a refund of the course. We are wholeheartedly committed to helping you attract new clients and helping you to stand out in a saturated market.
Count on us for our unwavering support.


A Total Value of $2,500



One- Time Payment of








Three Monthly Payments of






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Since 2012, we have helped thousands of other network marketers sell more products and expand their team of quality business builders by using the Master Connection Formula. We’ve packaged it all up for you with a simple step-by-step formula in Connect 2 Convert.

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