Building Your Brand: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

In the digital world there are thousands of people scrolling, tapping, reading and listening to an overload of content from brands, so the million dollar question is how can you stand out from the rest? 


Today there are more and more entrepreneurs than ever before and if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that anyone can start a business and “go digital”, but it’s not nearly as easy to stand out and become the go-to “girl” in your market so that you can reap the benefits of referrals, repeat business and always being top of mind.


The Master Connection Formula that we teach inside of our membership is the exact blueprint for becoming that person that everyone thinks of when they need what you’re selling and it starts with: 

  • Knowing exactly who you want to build a relationship with (ICA)
  • Letting down your guard (#beyou)
  • Trusting + believing in yourself and your offer (#getyourmindright)
  • Understanding HOW to nurture the connection with value and service (we’re called Girls With Goals Who Give for a reason 😉

Sounds simple, right? It is…as long as you avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when building their brand:


  1. Feeling confused about who you serve and what makes you unique. Is it the products you sell? The customer service you provide? Do you make your clients feel valued and heard with your messaging?
  1. Providing no real value. If you are constantly selling, selling, selling, how do you think that is being received by your potential clients/customers?  It’s a similar feeling to that of being “used” and your ideal clients will pay no attention and will be gone in a blink of an eye.
  1. Struggling to articulate the transformation you can offer your ICA. Whether you’re selling services or a product, how can your brand add pleasure or take away pain from a person’s life? Clearly communicating how you can be the solution to their problem will give your network clarity on who you are and how you can help them.

Avoid these 3 common mistakes when building your brand so you can be the one who everyone thinks of and be well on your way (actually light years ahead of most brands out there) to blatantly standing out from the crowd!


Drop a comment below on your secret to standing out online? 

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