Become a top seller in your network marketing company

You know those people who consistently hit the top of the product sales list every single month in your company?

How do they even do that anyway? 

Maybe they’re superhuman But if you’re not a superhero (but still awesome)

And you don’t want to constantly be in an exhausted state of ‘selling’, then you too can hit that top spot if you so desire with this one skill that will have customers reaching out to you and finding YOU to place orders. 

Since we’re all about helping you hit your goals, ranks, titles and paycheck numbers, we’re going to teach you a trick that will help you get there without selling your soul or your integrity.  

The key to finding people who would be interested in talking to you about your products, is Identifying who your ideal customer is.

If you don’t know how to do this, then you’ll feel overwhelmed and non directional with your activity and your business will be stuck.

Honing in on your ICA is creating a more intentional business that will eventually be your legacy! 

It helps you build authority and stand out as the expert and the only person to go-to according to your network.

It’s helpful to think of your avatar as a real person​. 

Give them a real name, and description.

There are 2 ways to get incredibly clear on this one person you are trying to attract.

Demographics or characteristics of your ICA:




Financial Status 



Psychographics or personality of your ICA:








Getting to know this one person inside and out is the key to the product sales Queendom!


It’ll be the fuel for everything in your business and help you to create every piece of content for them — whether it’s an email, or a blog post, or a video , etc. 

You have to get a real clear picture of your avatar in your mind’s eye.

Here are a set of questions that will give you insight into your avatar’s world and help you speak their language so you can become an “attraction magnet” and power boost your sales!

  • What is your avatar’s biggest source of pain?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What scares your avatar?


Do they lie in bed at night worrying about being so unhealthy that they’ll never be able to see their kids grow up?


Do they worry about having blemish free skin because they’re in the market to meet their life partner and want to look desirable?


Do they worry about looking well dressed and put together because that gives them a sense of worthiness?


Do they worry about not being able to fit into the dress they bought for a special occasion?


Do they worry too much that it’s stopping them from living?


Then take it one step further. 


When you can see into the future of your avatar’s life, you can create a relationship of value for them by speaking to their struggles, pains, desires and vision for their life? 


Help them bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be by way of your products and THAT is when you’ve hit the product sales jackpot! It’s pure GOLD!


Start today with this Action Step:


Spend time researching local events, social media groups and hashtags to follow where your avatar would hang out. Join one live event, one virtual group and follow one hashtag and begin engaging with connections immediately.

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