Meet The Girls

Lisa Friesel + Amanda Hall are the co-founders of Girls With Goals Who Give and the creators of the Proprietary Master Connection Formula, a powerful framework which gives you the tools to stand out in your market and attract quality leads to your business. It has helped hundreds of women grow their businesses by learning to speak to the heartbeat of their dream client. 

Lisa’s innate ability to relate to those who she just met and immediately create a sense of camaraderie coupled with Amanda’s expertise is guiding women to uncover their uniqueness-has enabled this power duo to transform thousands of lives and businesses.

Both Lisa + Amanda started building a business together in 2012 in multi-level marketing and grew it to over 7 figures. They are now passionate about paying it forward and sharing their framework to help network marketers stand out as the go-to expert so they can up-level their success, be known as the best in their industry and have customers and consultants line up to work with them.

As co-founders of a women-owned organization with the name “Give” in it; it is very important for them to educate their audience about giving back in its many forms. With that, Amanda + Lisa have partnered with 4 charities that support women, family and children by raising money through donation-based events and they have incorporated giving (in non-monetary forms) into their Master Connection Formula as a key component to growth and impact in a Network Marketing business. 

About Lisa

As an introvert Lisa would beg her husband to not leave her side when walking into a big event, yet she was able to build a multi-million-dollar network marketing business, climbing to the top 1% of her company out of the sheer skill of connecting one-on-one with others in an authentic way. Go figure! 

Lisa combines her years of experience in marketing & advertising, MLM success with her entrepreneurial skills and mindset of creating and scaling Girls With Goals Who Give to confidently mentor her clients. Lisa’s mission is to empower you to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. She is an integrated strategist… digging deep into her clients’ businesses, offering out of the box thinking that pushes her clients to be seen as unique and “real” and most importantly she teaches the essence of how long-lasting business exists… by nurturing the relationships around you.

Lisa is on a mission to help you stop playing small and wants to give you the tools to know that anything you want in life can be achieved through the power of connection. While it might feel intimidating to meet new people, or start new conversations, you can grow both professionally and personally with the right mentorship and transform your presence in this world. Never afraid to fail, hungry for success and guided to make an impact in this world, Lisa devotes her time to learning new strategies that will enhance the growth her clients

About Amanda

Amanda Hall is a business mentor, speaker, and entrepreneur who helps women grow their network and industry influence. Her 3 B’s framework on Belief, Boundaries, and Balance, empowers those facing self-doubt to step into their uniqueness with confidence. She speaks nationally to women on discovering their core values and building confidence around what matters most to them. She educates her audience about standing firm in their beliefs and creating boundaries to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Since 2012, Amanda has ranked in the top 1% of a direct-to-consumer business as an entrepreneur and business leader and coached hundreds of women on her team to grow their business and increase their revenue. Her coaching and training results have led her team to be one of the top 10% teams in the company. As a woman who has always incorporated giving into her life and her family’s life; Amanda was inspired to build her own company where she could use her knowledge and resources to “pay it forward” to those in the Network Marketing industry with the creation of the company she has co-founded; Girls With Goals Who Give.

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