7 Ways to Show That You’re a Trusted Expert

Building trust through testimonials and case studies is a powerful way to get prospects to trust that you can offer them the results they desire. It’s a stamp of approval from someone else. If you can show your network that they’re not alone and other people are buying from you and having success too, then it will be that much easier for them to make a decision. The proof is in the pudding.

Showcase your testimonials/case studies:


Ask your current clients for a quote. The quote should be accompanied by an image of the person being quoted to make the message feel more relatable to the reader. A quote is a powerful tool and can articulate the experience your client had with you and your product/service. 


Vary the media and use video too. People consume content differently. Ask your existing or a past client to give you a 15 or 30 second video about her/his experience. It’s almost as if the client were to record the quote on video. This is highly effective because the audience will be able to see and hear the emotion in the client’s voice when she/he speaks about how transformational your service/product was in their life. *Hot tip-write up an outline for them to follow. You can even offer them a template to “fill in the blanks”



Go live and do a Q&A session on your social media and save it as an IGTV or on your stories to be saved to your highlights. Don’t want to rely on social media alone (smart!) you can also film the interview on zoom and email it out. Prepare your questions ahead of time and give them to your clients so they know how they will answer them. 


Social Media:

When you put up a compelling post, it will capture customer testimonials. Your happy clients will have the opportunity to write an emotional review and the world will have the ability to view it. That can potentially influence all your followers who see it. If your clients are promoting your brand or sharing your posts,  you can repost it, like and comment; so it makes for easy brand building.


Build trust with your audience without any testimonials/case studies:


Open The Curtain:

Give a behind the scenes look at what your client can expect if they were to engage in doing business with you. Show the step by step process so they aren’t wondering about your process and if it would work for them.


Be Certain On The Transformation:

Be confident in the results you offer your clients. Validate that you understand their pain points and desires and then share the exact transformation they would receive if they were to work with you. What are the REAL results they would gain?


Be You & Show You:

Hiding behind stock pictures or posting quotes and images on social media won’t build trust with your audience. Show the real you and get on video so they know exactly who they will be doing business with. You won’t believe how much trust it builds when someone can put a face to a name with a business. 


As you can see, social proof is everything. You see it everywhere and now it’s YOUR turn to shine the spotlight on you and your business. It’s time for everyone to know how amazing you truly are!

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