HOW TO: Stay Connected when Working from Home

Have you ever noticed that the most challenging times have been gifts in disguise + opportunities for growth and perseverance?

This is the time you learn how strong you really are.

Times like this are when you learn how creative you can become. How hungry you are for a better life. We can’t wait to get back to IRL connections + events but for now, stick with us and let’s continue to keep the message positive and inspirational.

Two tips on how to stay connected and keep the momentum in your professional life.

  1. Take out your calendar and comb through your appointments, calls and “virtual events” from last month. Did you forget to follow up with someone you had the intentions to? Carve out a block of time to send follow up emails and don’t forget you still have the option to invite someone to a virtual coffee.

  2. Take out five monogrammed note cards and write a thoughtful note to five people in your network you are inspired to keep the connection alive with. A handwritten note goes a long way these days.

who are the five people you’d send a handwritten note to?