There is a world of difference between a network and a bunch of contacts. We aren’t here to just make contacts. We want real personal connections to real people. Contacts reply “maybe” when we invite them to a meetup. Contacts never call us first unless they need something. Contacts do the bare minimum. We all know that it’s purely a business relation. A real network is made of stronger stuff than that. Meaningful connections will make not only our businesses, but our personal lives more successful and more enjoyable.

Let’s get excited. When we are honestly interested and excited about something, we put our all into it. It isn’t just a job. It’s our life. When it’s just work, we stop caring outside of the 9 to 5, sometimes not even for all of that. But if we turn these contacts into connections, then they will seek us out. They will reward us with more we asked for, more than just a sale. People will talk about you because they want to. They will communicate that excitement and spread it. People can’t help but care about things when there is genuine and sincere interest.

Authenticity will attract more people than any sales pitch. Authenticity is what will tell people that we are worth not only listening to, but staying in touch with. If people think we are just advertisements, there is no connection. Authenticity is what makes that personal connection mean something. People gravitate towards this kind of energy, and our networks will grow naturally.

The more people that we are connected to, the more opportunities we will have offered to us. Everyone in our network is more than just one opportunity. People will want to get involved beyond the initial contact. People will want to introduce their own connections to join in. When our network can be relied upon, we have access to more tools and skills from more people.

Relationships are an investment. We put time and energy into growing them, and they become the strong foundation for your business and your life. A network isn’t just things you reach out to. It’s the framework that keeps us strong.