Our Co-Founder Amanda Hall shares her take on landing Girls with Goals who Give an opportunity to celebrate the PureWow Community with Gallery Media Founder Ryan Harwood.

I knew Ryan Harwood in HS, we we’re actually really friendly but then lost touch. I watched his entrepreneurial journey and followed him as he started and grew the PureWow brand, always enjoyed watching him find success as he later partnered with Gary V. to form Gallery Media Group!

Although it might have seemed premature to reach out to him about GWGWG, I went after it anyway with absolutely no expectations. He invited me in to catch up + connect. I shared the GWGWG mission and story and he immediately noticed the synergies. Next thing I knew, our organization had been invited to The Hamptons event on August 3rd. About a month away.

Ryan put me in touch with his events director Sheena. After a lengthy conversation with Sheena she shared that she can foresee many ways to collaborate; our team knew that we had to jump on the opportunity to have a table at the event; just 3 weeks away.

Our team gathered our brain power and came up with the creative idea of creating flower crowns for the guests so they could learn more about our mission + rock their crowns like a queen. The crowd loved the crowns, GWGWG made a slew of new connections and most importantly we put our best foot forward in front of an influential brand we have great respect for.

The point is this;

  • reach out

  • say yes

  • make the call

our crowns were a hit, but not because of the flower headbands, or the fresh flowers, they actually helped us tell our story. the story of who we are; we are the girls who will help you fix your crown, without telling the world it was crooked in the first place. we’ll encourage you to wear it proud, too. We can’t wait to share all the gorgeous photos and memories captured. Thanks to our team, Ryan, and the entire PureWow event squad for pulling off the event of the summer.

We had a blast!