Put Down the Books + Pick Up Your Networking Tools

Introverted, diligent, hard-working people get looked over for promotions and new job openings all of the time in favor of their extroverted, perhaps less diligent, less hard-working counterparts.

How can you make sure that you are not being glanced over? Start out by making sure you are seeing the importance of who you know, as much as you see the importance of what you know. Mastering your skills and qualifications is crucial – you have to be good at what you do, bottom line. But, working hard with your head down is only good for so long. If you keep your head down as you work hard, you will likely get passed up for another position or promotion by someone who is working half the amount and keeping their head up.

Although it is admirable to be the company employee who works through lunch, if you know the executives at the company go to the salad place down the street every day at 12, make sure you are also taking lunch breaks to go to the salad place down the street every day at 12. You never know if one day you might get to wait on line right next to your boss’s boss and have the opportunity to introduce yourself!

So, start building who you know at the same rate as you are building what you know – because it can allow you to go to places you never dreamt possible. Managing workplace friendships and cultivating new networking relationships is key to forming real, human connections. And real human connections can propel your life professionally and personally in the biggest way.

How Can I Make Sure I am at the ‘Right Place,’ at The ‘Right Time?’

It may seem impossible to be at the ‘right place,’ at the ‘right time,’ but it is not as hard as you might think.

Any place can be the right place.

Make sure you are going out of your way to go to as many of the company parties, reunions, luncheons, and networking events possible. These events may feel time-consuming and irrelevant, but they are important for catching up with and maintaining networking relationships.

The power of referral is unmatched by the power of a skill or qualification. If you go to five+ luncheons, one of them is bound to yield a powerful contact that can act as a referral down the line. Consistency in attending networking events is key because it is bound to lead to a ‘right place, right time,’ scenario at some point.

Is Having Powerful Connections for Everyone, or for a Select Few?

Let’s be honest here: when the phrase ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know,’ comes up, we have an image in our heads of the type of person that is benefitting from this undeniable truth.

It is commonly thought that the only people who advance on the basis of this long-standing principle are the people with well-connected families, well-connected friends, well-connected romantic partners, and so on.

But, at GWGWG we want you to know that making, and maintaining powerful connections does not have to be exclusive to people who come from $$$.

There are huge, competitive companies that will receive thousands of applications for the same position. The only resume’s that escape the pile and get more than a glance over are the ones that are green-lighted by ‘friends,’ in the company. This can be an unfair system if you are a first-generation woman who was the first in her family to graduate from more than high school, or if you are any person from a low-income household that does not have privileged connections at top-tier companies.

If you are a woman who does not fit into the mold of who usually has privileged connections, do not fear.

GWGWG is dedicated to giving women of all socio-economic statuses and backgrounds the tools to engage in top-level networkingthrough our blogs, webinars, and events!


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