HOW TO: Conquer your fear of going LIVE with Stephanie

In the first episode of our brand new Webinar Series “HOW TO” we’re jumping right in to tackle topics that scare the hell out of us. Stephanie Paradiso is a social media maven, entrepreneur + business coach. And she’s going to give you the cold, hard, truth about getting on social media and why it’s a REALLY good idea for you to conquer your fear of showing your BEAUTIFUL face on camera.

Are you not putting out video content because you are worried about not being “good enough” on camera? Think you just CAN’T go live? Think again! Stephanie is here to teach us all her tips + tricks for creating great video content on social media. She’s also digging in on how to use the great content you’re creating to organically grow your brand and business, regardless of what industry you are in! Make sure to download our free Content Planner + get planning with us!

Did you know…

One-third of online activity is spent watching video.
Over 500 million people are watching video on Facebook every day.
Every second, 17,000 hours of video content will cross global IP networks by 2021.

So tell me again why you aren’t utilizing live video to grow?
Video content is
the way people are gaining information & entertainment.

Learn more about Stephanie Paradiso on her website here.

Join us & Steph for the first episode of our series “HOW TO” by GWGWG.