1 Simple Exercise to Help You Attract the Perfect Clients

Your Ideal client Avatar (ICA) is that perfect mixture of a person who you want to purchase your products or services and they want, need + love what you’re selling! So once you know exactly WHO you’re selling to, then connecting + converting them into customers gets a heck of a lot easier!

Now, we know you might be thinking that your product or service really IS for everyone…”everyone with skin”, “every entrepreneur”, “everyone who wants to save money”, “everyone who wants to be healthy”…you get the point….but there is nothing further from the truth. Yes, you can most likely sell to anyone,  but it is less likely that you will have people knocking down your “door” if you don’t start speaking your target market’s language. 

So the question of the hour is, “how on earth can I nail my perfect dream client or my ICA”?

We’ve got you covered with this simple exercise below:


1. Demographics.  Think about quantifiable characteristics of a given population and where your ICA would fit in. Ie; education, nationality, religion and ethnicity. Getting specific in these categories will help to determine “who” will buy from you.

  • What is this person’s age?
  • What is this person’s gender
  • What industry is this person in?
  • What is their title?
  • WHat is their income?
  • Where does this person live in the world?
  • What is this person’s religion?
  • What is this person’s ethnicity?
  • What is this person’s race?

2. Psychographics. Consider your buyers habits, hobbies, spending habits and values. Getting clear in these areas will help to clarify “WHY” they will buy from you.

  • What does this person care about?
  • What are this person’s wants and needs?
  • What is this person searching for?
  • What is this person’s passions and interests?
  • What is this person’s limiting beliefs?
  • What questions does this person need answered?
  • What keeps this person up at night?


Once you’ve given these questions some serious thought and come up with answers, you’ll find it SO MUCH EASIER to create content for social, emails, marketing messages… or even just to have simple human conversation. To your ideal clients, you’ll be irresistible because you’ll know EXACTLY how to speak to this person’s every need.


Give it a try. Answer the questions above and tell us who your ICA truly is!

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